Health and Wellness

Our ElderCare Concierge clients health and wellness situations are unique, and the ElderCare Life Plan properly integrates those unique needs with solutions.

These are some of the resources that could be contained in your ElderCare LifePlan specific to your family needs.

Public Healthcare Services:

Established through the provincial government, The Central LHIN (covering most of York Region and North Toronto) holds authority and responsibility for the administration of public healthcare and services as of April 1, 2017.

Knowledgeable about inter-governmental resources, an ElderCare Concierge representative will work with you to understand how best to request care from all tiers of government, allowing us to help you discover what you or your loved one may be entitled to.

Adult Day Programs (ADP's):

Adult Day Programs provide supervised and supported: social, recreational, and therapeutic programs for all types of elderly adults: those who are physically frail, have a disability, or have been diagnosed with memory loss (Dementias).

ElderCare Concierge wants to work with you to understand the various options involved with Adult Day Programs in York Region and the GTA.

Advanced Care Planning:

Advance Care Planning is the communication of your treatment wishes in case of an injury or health condition where you become incapable of making such decisions yourself.

Utilizing various resources from applicable organizations, an ElderCare Concierge representative would work alongside you and your family through the dynamic process of advanced care planning. This may include: creating an advanced directive, learning about the legalities of assigning a Power of Attorney (POA) and substitute decision makers (SDMs).

Palliative Care Options & End of Life Resources:

End of life care is beyond difficult for all parties involved. ElderCare Concierge helps to navigate its clients through local palliative care options (either in-home or at a facility) for yourself or a loved one, ahead of time. Our knowledgeable staff can also provide you with appropriate end of life resources, such as in-home visitation services, transportation services, advocacy information, funeral home directory information, and general legal aid direction.

Retirement Home Living in York Region: Navigating Your Journey

With the Ontario retirement home industry consisting of: major conglomerate companies, boutique-style residences, and long-term care publically run facilities, the task to choose the right care facility can be exhausting. An ElderCare Concierge expert will firstly complete a standardized needs assessment, to then create an individualized suggested list of home within your budget, care need category, while fulfilling your overall preferences.

Caregiver Support & Relief Options:

Being a caregiver for an elderly adult, no matter what their level of mobility and independence is, undoubtedly is a challenging undertaking. Fortunately, various local support programs are available to help caregivers cope with such responsibilities. Contact an ElderCare Concierge representative for more information about receiving options for relief, support, and education surrounding caregiving for an elderly adult.

End of Life Planning:

Through pre-planning, making final arrangements ahead of time helps relieve your family of both emotional and financial burdens. Through ElderCare Concierge, we can suggest options and provide information you need to make confident decisions on every aspect of final planning.

Elder Abuse and Advocacy:

With Canada’s seniors now representing the largest population cohort, the issues of elder abuse are becoming even more alarming. ECC plays an advocacy role for its clients in providing the appropriate resources and directive strategies to help families prevent these incidences from occurring.

Virtual Healthcare Services:

With technological connectivity creating endless advancements in the healthcare industry, virtual healthcare practitioners are "virtual care" is becoming rapidly more popular. Virtual healthcare services can provide great convenience in allowing anyone to almost instantly be connected to a healthcare professional on the web via an electronic device. An ElderCare Concierge representative will be happy to make you aware of the readily available virtual care options that would align with your needs.