Getting Started


  • Discovery - Our first meeting with a new client involves a discussion to understand your family's unique situation in order to provide appropriate advice. We explore your goals, objectives and expectations. We listen to understand the unique characteristics that could affect the selection of eldercare resources you receive.
  • Engagement - With our client's assistance we will collect necessary information and review your family's current situation which allows us to thoroughly understand the complexity of your family dynamics. This will be in agreement with our company's privacy policy.
  • In-depth Analysis - We will review your family's current situation as it relates to your specific eldercare needs and requirements.
  • ElderCare Life Plan - We develop your customized comprehensive ElderCare Life Plan carefully matching your specific needs with eldercare health and wellness resources, trust services, legal and estate services, taxation and accounting services, investment and insurance advisory. Together we agree on optimal eldercare resources towards achieving your goals.
  • Review - Reviews are essential to the success of your ElderCare Life Plan strategy. Many key factors can affect your strategy. We want to be continually up-to-date with the changes in your family situation. We typically meet with our clients on an annual basis in person to review and to provide overall eldercare education.