Getting Started

At ElderCare Concierge, we follow a comprehensive five-step journey in creating our customized ElderCare Life Plans.

  1. Discovery: For those who express interest in our services, ElderCare Concierge coordinates an informal conversation to discuss the reason(s) which have led perspective clients to our business. Together we explore goals and expectations while getting to know one another. Our representatives listen to understand each family’s unique situation which affects the selection of eldercare resources and financial advice you receive in your Plan.
  2. Engagement: After a partnership is agreed upon, our engagement intake process takes place. During an in-person meeting, we dive deeper in discovering a family’s complex dynamic, gathering essential information to draft their ElderCare Life Plan. At this stage, an ECC representative will ask additional questions and clarify any specific requests. This stage will be in agreement with our company's privacy policy.
  3. In-depth Analysis: Our cross-functional teams now collaboratively review all financial and health and wellness considerations. Throughout the drafting process we consistently reference the main objectives of our clients, working together to offer the best resources and recommendations.
  4. ElderCare Life Plan completion: Your customized Plan is now completed and formally reviewed as a whole alongside our team. ECC presents the individualized recommendations of optimal eldercare resources and the journey towards achieving such needs.
  5. Review Stage: Reviews are essential to the success of your ElderCare Life Plan strategy, as our team wishes to be updated with the inevitable changes in your family. Therefore, we highly recommend an annual in-person review to provide you with the most up-to-date resources and recommendations.